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Instructor: Mandy Hannah, BS, MS

Certified RootsChildbirth Instructor & Labor Doula


      I attended the University of Tennessee where I received a BS in Psychology and a Masters in Special Education (birth-1st grade) and in Regular Education (birth-1st grade).  I taught preschool special education for 8 years and then taught in a typical preschool for 1 year.

     mandyIn the Fall of 2008 my husband and I discovered we were pregnant with our first child.  After much research, I decided I wanted more for our child birth experience than we could expect from the current medical world around us.  This is when I discovered a Doula.  In June of 2009 I accomplished the birth of mostly my choice in a hospital and it was a life altering experience for me.  The education we received leading up to the birth helped us determine what was right for us and the support on my delivery day was irreplaceable. As a result, I feel that I am a more confident Mom and have a very healthy child.  With that said, we still wanted more choices and more control over our experience.

       In the Fall of 2010 we discovered that we were expecting our second child.  In July of 2011, we achieved a home, water birth with a midwife.  It was a true testament to God's faithfulness for me.  We relied on God's word, allowing my body to do what it was designed to do. And once again, in the summer of 2015 we received another sweet baby girl into our arms in the attendance of a midwife in privacy of our own home. God is so very very good! 
      I am forever changed by my birth experiences and immediately longed for other women to be given the opportunity to experience what I did.  Unfortunately without support, you are usually unaware of your options.  I want to empower women with the knowledge and tools they need to know those options and get what they want the day they give birth. I currently live in Murfreesboro with my husband Matt and our 2 precious daughters Macey and McClain I'm excited to teach women how to believe in their bodies and the abilities that God has given them for child birth.  I'm also excited to teach families how to take care of their bodies in turn creating optimum development for their baby; before, during, and after birth.  I want to teach families their options, rights, and abilities.






Instructor: Katie Garrett, BS
Certified RootsChildbirth Instructor


     Prior to motherhood, I spent several years pursuing my first passion-- teaching young children while applying my heart for child development inside the classroom. 

garrett26In the spring of 2010, my husband and I learned we were expecting our first child. My daughter's pregnancy, labor and birth were very rich seasons of spiritual growth for me. During her labor and delivery, God clearly revealed his tender faithfulness and instead of finding myself pulled towards the classroom, I found my passion move towards motherhood-- both for myself and for other women. I am honored to be a part of the Roots Childbirth team where I hope to offer women and families the education, support, and faith they need to make optimal birth choices for their individual needs and desires, to feel encouraged in their pregnancy, and to experience Christ inside this season of their life.

     I hold a Bachelor's of Science in Early Childhood Education (certified birth-3rd grade), and live in Smyrna with my husband/high school sweetheart Tom and our two precious littles- Abi Kate, Abram and Lyla. 


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