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This location is offered on Sunday afternoon from 2:00-5:00PM and taught by the best-friend duo Kaytlin Gregory and Elizabeth Jones. 

Please visit our NEW WEBSITE to register for this class location:

or email the instructors below f you have any questions.

Kaytlin: Kaytlin903(@)gmail(.com)



Instructor: Kaytlin Gregory, BSN/RN

About Kaytlin

Roots Childbirth Instructor and Labor & Delivery Nurse


I am a Gallatin native. I received my Bachelors in Science of Nursing from Belmont University. Since graduating nursing school I have worked as a critical care and labor and delivery nurse. I am currently an L&D nurse for St. Thomas Midtown. I am married to my high school sweetheart and mother of two beautiful children. I have attended births in the hospital and home settings.

My first encounter with natural childbirth was in nursing school when an instructor showed us "The Business of Being Born." I was hooked! I am absolutely blown away by the entire process of bringing a baby into this world! From the first positive pregnancy test to meeting that sweet babe on mom's chest is truly amazing!! My desire is to educate women and their partners about this process so that they can make the best decisions for their family. 




 Instructor: Elizabeth Jones, BA

About Elizabeth

Roots Childbirth Instructor

Labor Support Professional and VBAC mom

      Elizabeth was born and raised in Gallatin, TN. She received her  bachelors degree in Business Administration from Middle Tennessee  State University. She owns the Farmers Insurance Agency in Gallatin  where she serves the community currently. During the pregnancy of  her first child she became intrigued with natural childbirth. With that  birth ending in a c section she knew she wanted to grow deeper into  evidence based research and be equipped with as many tools as  possible. During the second birth she took the Roots class and knew  she could have the VBAC she dreamed, and she DID. Elizabeth has  attended different birth settings and been apart of many birth teams.  She seeks to help women know their choices and to have the right  support during their pregnancy and birth. "Birth is the most beautiful  season of your life, it is your chance to grow deeper in Christ and find  out the power you have inside of you."


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