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Tuesday, 10 November 2015 00:00

Rooting Out Cold & Flu with Essential Oils


Make it and Take it!!! Come learn about the most common ways to blast the cold and flu viruses with essential oils. Learn why they are often more effective and available than conventional medications, learn how to use them safely, get recipes and application advice from herbalist and nutrition guru Gina Webb and learn how to make your very own products to use to treat your family this season. You will gain insight and information on a variety of therapeutic oils that can help with relaxation, congestion, sore throats, bruising, upset stomachs, energy, immune support, detoxification and pathogen reducing. You will also be given an opportunity to make your very own therapeutic roller balls to treat what ails you (examples of some you can make are: relaxation, flu fighter, congestion, GI upset, bruise blend and headache helper). Each roller ball will be made at a therapeutic grade level for an additional charge of $14 or 2/$25 and will last all season long!

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